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We were inspected by Ofsted on 16th September 2015 and couldn't wait to show them all the inspirational and creative things we do at The Woodland Nursery.

I'm very pleased to say that we were graded as "Outstanding in all areas". Please see below for further information.

Tracy's Ofsted report can be viewed here

 Ref: EY429629

 Local Authority: Greenwich


Laura's Ofsted report can be viewed here

 Ref: EY433360

 Local Authority: Greenwich

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding

  • "Outstanding relationships with parents are established from the start."

  • "She [Tracy] carries out highly effective risk assessments to check that activities are safe for children."  


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding

  •  "Children develop very good communication, language and thinking skills."

  •  "Children develop exceptional confidence in their physical abilities."


Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding

  •  "Children use good manners consistently, which helps the develop respectful behaviours."

  •  "Children's good health is extremely well promoted with a wealth of outdoor  activities in the fresh air"


Outcomes for children are outstanding

  •  "Children's mathematical skills are developing extremely well."

  •  "Children are extremely well prepared for their future learning, including starting school."

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