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Our daily ideas and activities are designed to promote a healthy disposition to learning outside. The multi-sensory nature of these types of activities are intended to support all areas of learning, all year round.

Below are a few examples of our regular activities:


  • Playing games and using the woodland as inspiration for art and writing projects


  • Using the woodland for numeracy – counting, sorting, measuring, estimating etc


  • Simple investigation and exploration with minimal equipment, using natural materials as the learning resource


  • Temporary shelters may be made with tarpaulins or woodland brash


  • Using simple tools to whittle, do craft work and make jewellery


  • Developing areas with logs for informal seating, and fire sites to demonstrate fire safety, construction and campfire cooking


  • Simple rope and string work


  • Looking at shape - leaf or stick matching and sorting


  • Creating a woodland obstacle course and making woodland furniture using lashings


  • Transporting a story from one place to another

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