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Weekly Activities. Make a Christmas decoration.


Make a Christmas decoration.

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  • Mathematics

  • Understanding of the World

  • Expressive Arts and Design


As Christmas is fast approaching, we wanted to get in the spirit by making a Christmas decoration. The children were encouraged to make one for themselves and then hang it wherever they wanted to e.g. a Christmas tree, door handle, by their bed etc or they could give it as a gift to someone special.

To make the decoration the children used the bowsaw to cut a wooden disc. Then they painted it red and white and used the middle of the disc for the eyes and nose.

We talked about different festivities around the world at this time of year, about how some people celebrate Christmas and some do not, we also talked about Santa Klaus and discussed where they think he might live. Following on from this, we used a map to show them where the North Pole is and compared it to where we are located now. We asked them to try to think of a way that we could get to the North Pole. We asked the Children if they wanted to write a letter to Santa to ask for something e.g. a gift for someone, food for the people who don’t have much, clothes for the homeless etc. We talked about gifts of a different kind, not only toys, but also about people less fortunate than ourselves. Examples were: a pair of shoes for a child who doesn’t have any, a hat, soap, pencils, food, or anything which might help them to feel a bit better or perhaps something they needed. We also read children's books which included Santa such as Stick Man (Santa helped Stick Man to get back to his family).

Home Activity:

Make your own homemade Christmas decoration with your child (it doesn't really matter what it is or what it looks like - the special part is simply spending time with each other). It's a fun activity to do and you will also be making unforgettable memories!

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