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Weekly Activities. Week 1 - Bubble Wands


Make a bubble wand and blow some spectacular bubbles.

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For our first week back after the half term, we decided to make something really fun: bubble wands! We started by asking the children what shape the letters "Y" and "I" were and challenged them to find similar shaped sticks from around the site (disclaimer: the "I" shaped sticks weren't actually much of a challenge for them). Once they had found the correct shaped sticks, they used wool to wrap around the "Y" shaped sticks and thin wire for the "I" shaped sticks. They wrapped the wool back and forth around both parts of the "Y" section and tied it off in a knot. They used a pair of scissors to cut off the excess wool. For the "I" shaped sticks, the children unraveled some thin wire and then cut it to size using some wire cutters. They wrapped a small piece of the wire around the neck of the stick, made a shape of their choice and then wrapped the remaining wire around the stick again. Some of the children decided it would work better by drilling a hole using a hand drill through the stick to poke the wire through. Hearts and circles were the most popular shapes with hearts just taking the lead.

After the children had made their wands it was time to make the bubble mixture. We used a large bucket, added some washing up liquid, a bit of glycerine (to make the bubbles last longer) and filled it with water. The children then dipped in their bubble wands and the soapy fun began!

Home Activity:

Create your own bubble mixture and see how many different shaped objects from around the home can be used to make bubbles. You could try using a funnel, a toilet tissue tube, a straw, a tennis racquet or for super large bubbles, tie a large string loop between two sticks.

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