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Weekly Activities. Week 4 - Changes in the animal world: winter into spring


Discussing what changes occur in the animal world throughout the winter months and going into spring.

Links to EYFS:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language

  • Physical Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding of the World

  • Expressive Arts and Design


We placed several clear containers around the site, each containing a different animal or flower. Within each container there were some features relating to that animal or flower which encouraged the children to talk about and gain more knowledge of the animal world and our environment. Each child was given a sheet containing all of the animals and flowers so they could tick them off as they found them hidden around the site.

Each animal or flowers name was written underneath it so the children could try to pronounce the letters using phonics and blend the sounds to help practice saying the whole word.

We talked about which animals we saw in the winter and which were coming out of hibernation. We discussed things like where the live, what they eat, where they sleep etc. We also talked about what changes happen in nature through the different seasons.

Home Activity:

Get the children out and about and have a look around a park, pond or woodland for different animals, birds, reptiles or amphibians and discuss each one you come across or that they take an interest in. Take some photographs and later look up information together about their favourites. Try to engage their interest and spark their curiosity in animals and nature!

You could ask questions and find out the answers to things like:

- Where do they live?

- How and where do they find food in winter?

- Do they hibernate?

- How do they keep warm in winter?

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