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Weekly Activities - Tracking & Catching the Gingerbread Man

Book of the week

The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth.


A retelling of The Gingerbread Man for early readers from Ladybird.

Based on the traditional fairy tale The Gingerbread Man, this vibrantly illustrated story is sure to become a favourite in every home. Follow the gingerbread man as he tries to escape all manner of hungry animals and people! This hardback book contains lots of funny rhythm and rhyme to delight young children. Ideal for reading aloud and sharing with 2-5 year olds.

Weekly Activities

The idea of this weeks activity was to track different footprints to find the gingerbread man, who has run away.

Using flour and pre-made stencils, we created various animal tracks - along with the gingerbread man footprints - for the children to track and find the owner of the prints. At the end of each set of footprints there was a drawing or toy of an animal related to the prints. The children had to keep following the tracks until they found the gingerbread man.

After the activity we put out some clay mixed with powdered ginger on a play tray so the children could make their own gingerbread people to take home. The children also made colourful masks of their favourite animals from the book.

Aims and Objectives

  • To find the gingerbread man

  • To learn about animals and their individual footprints

  • Learn basic tracking skills

  • Create their own gingerbread people out of clay

Home Activity

Follow this link to a BBC website that has lots of downloadable activities connected with the gingerbread man story such as:

  1. Running like the gingerbread man

  2. Animal sounds and movements

  3. Sounds of wind

  4. Making gingerbread

  5. Sounds of rain

  6. Fox and gingerbread man game

  7. Sequencing and creating a soundscape

  8. Outdoors: Listening to different surfaces

  9. Musical Opposites

  10. The instruments and junk modelling

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