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Weekly Activities - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Weekly Activities: To mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee we wanted to do some regal activities including making forest crowns and Union Flag medallions.

To make the forest crowns we measured some gold card so it would fit round each child's head. We used scissors to cut the card to the correct size. We stuck some double sided tape along the card and then asked the children to go and find some large, brightly coloured leaves. We stuck the leaves onto the tape and finally bent the card into a circle shape and stuck the sides of the card together to complete our leafy crowns. The children then pretended to be kings and queens for the day.

Making the medallions was challenging and fun. We started by using a bow saw to cut a disc of wood. We sanded the disc using sandpaper to make it smooth. The practitioners then drew a rough outline of the Union Flag on each disc before the children painted it in red, white and blue colours. We drilled a hole towards the top of the disc using a cordless drill and threaded a piece of ribbon through the hole before finally tying a knot in the ribbon to complete the medallion.

Home Activity: If you joined in with the celebrations we would love to see pictures of how you all celebrated this momentous occasion. Please upload them to Tapestry so we can share the photos with the children...

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