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Weekly Activities - Pirate Forest School.

Book of the week: On a Pirate Ship by Anna Milbourne.

Main Activity: This weeks main activity was to hunt for a hidden treasure chest! We started by reading from a clue sheet on where to find each of the subsequent clue sheets that would eventually lead to the hidden treasure. The children had to read the clues and work them out in order to find the next clue sheet. Once they'd collected them all they turned them over to find a letter written on the back of each sheet. They then had to put the letters into the correct order to spell out a word that gave a final clue as to where the treasure was hidden.

This was a very physical numbers game and involved hopping, walking in various ways (frontwards, backwards, sideways, large steps, small steps etc), jumping, crawling and skipping as directed by the clue sheets e.g.

  • Take 3 steps backwards

  • Turn to your left

  • Jump forwards 2 times

  • Crawl to the edge of the grass

  • Go forwards 5 large steps

Extension Activities:

  • Making various pirate paraphernalia such as leaf or fabric eye patches, hook hands made from compostable pots and curly sticks and telescopes made from decorated and painted cardboard tubes

  • Making sail boats using either corks nailed together or compostable pots with sticks for masts and leaves for sails. We tried these out in tubs of water to see if they would float (which they did!)

  • Trying to find small pieces of 'treasure' buried in sand using children's tweezers

  • Finding out how a compass works and then making our own pretend ones from discs of wood that we cut and drew on

  • Playing a walk the plank balancing game using a balance log, rope and a blue tarp as the 'sea'

  • Played at being on pirate ships either using large crates or tyres

Home Activity: Click the link below which will take you to a site called 'Lets Play Music'. It's designed to get children of all ages interested in music and provides lots of great home activities and videos connected with music. The link will take you to a specific page displaying 4 pirate songs - 'The Pirate Song', 'A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea', 'What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor' and 'The Big Ship Sails on the Alley-Alley-O.

There are actions that go with each song that your child can try at home and videos showing how to do them in time with the music. It's a really fun, active way to get you child interested in music and movement.

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