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Weekly Activities - Lifecycle of a frog

Book of the week: How Does a Frog Grow by D.K. Publishing.

Main Activity: Our main activity this week was learning about the lifecycle of a frog and how they grow. We read all about it from our book of the week at basecamp and it was then time for the children to try to complete their own lifecycle sheets. We had two variations on this activity. The first involved giving out printed sheets with arrows on pointing to five empty squares set out in a circle. We gave the children 5 squares of paper with different pictures showing each stage of the lifecycle which they had to stick in the right order onto their sheets of paper. The second version involved making some playdough and then trying to mould a 3D model of each stage of the lifecycle. The stages are:

Frog spawn - Tadpole - Tadpole with legs - Froglet - Frog

Extension Activities:

  • Making a model of a frog by painting biodegradable plant pots green and sticking leaves on the sides (for legs) and googly eyes

  • Making cardboard lily pads with a number on one side and a letter on the other. The lily pads were then hidden around the site which the children had to find and collect. When they'd collected them all, they placed them on a tuff tray and had to sort the numbers into ascending order. When they turned the lily pads over, they spelled out a word such as 'frog', 'froglet' or 'frog spawn'

  • Making leaf necklaces by collecting large leaves and using a hole punch to make some holes. Then we used a small twig as a makeshift needle to thread some colourful wool through each leaf and tie off to complete the necklace

  • Doing some number work of a large sheet of paper which had some empty boxes drawn on it. The children then dipped their fingers into some paint and had to count each time they dabbed a box with their finger - this is a really fun way to learn to count!

  • We brought in a fish tank which had some real tadpoles in it so the children could watch them slowly grow over the coming weeks into frogs, thereby seeing the lifecycle of a frog first-hand

Home Activity: Make a home made frog inspired game called 'lily pad hop'.

This activity can be used in a many different ways but I suggest making it a counting activity. The main goals are to MOVE and HAVE FUN.

Our other goals include...

  • counting up to 10

  • 1:1 number correspondence practice when using stickers and our bodies

  • counting backwards from 10

  • learning some new words and having some fun conversations

How to make the game...

  1. Make 10 home made lily pads.

  2. Write the numbers 1-10 on them and you can also draw small circles that correspond to the number on the lily pad to help younger children.

  3. If you have some stickers, ask you child to stick the right number of stickers onto each lily pad.

  4. Stick the lily pads to your floor using masking tape and... start hopping!

  5. You can invent various different number games and also hop to music for some added fun.


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