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Weekly Activities - Flags of the World

Book of the week


A sumptuous giant gift book that really brings geography to life for younger readers. Maps illuminates the topography of 52 countries with exquisite illustrations of cultural figures, flags, national landmarks, wildlife, places of interest, iconic personalities, native animals and plants, local peoples and cultural events. An aesthetic marvel as well as a hugely enlightening resource, Maps transforms the way we look at the world.

Weekly Activities

Following on from our 'all about me' activity a couple of weeks ago, our activity this week was making a flag of either the children's home country or associated country. Considering we have such a diverse amount of children from different parts of the world it was really interesting to find out a little more about each country including what their national flag looked like.

To start, the practitioners found out all the different countries that we had to make flags for and painted each flag on a piece of paper so the children could copy the design. To make their flags the children cut out a rectangle shaped piece of material. The practitioners drew outlines for each flag and the children then painted the colours on. Once the flags were dry, we asked the children to find a medium thickness stick to use as a flag pole. Some of the sticks had to be cut to size using loppers. The children attached the flags to the sticks using a hammer and nails.

Once the flags had been made we looked through the Maps book to discover more interesting facts about each country.

Aims and Objectives

  • Make connections and note differences of each country

  • Learn about different cultures, traditions and ways of life

  • Explore natural materials

  • Use a variety of tools

  • Develop fine motor skills

Home Activity

To help celebrate different countries, cultures and traditions, ask your child to choose a country different to their own (maybe ask them to pick a flag?) and then decide on an activity to do with them that represents something about that country. You could try cooking a new recipe, drawing and colouring an indigenous animal, dress up in traditional costume or play a game associated with your child's chosen country.

Don't forget to upload your activity onto Tapestry so we can show all your child's friends what they got up to.

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