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Weekly Activities. Exploring Shapes

Main Activity: This weeks activity was all about learning different simple shapes and to understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

We discussed the mathematical terms to describe different types of shapes and how 'flat' shapes are referred to as being 2D and 'solid' shapes are referred to as 3D. We looked at the reference sheet showing some simple shapes and at the 2D and 3D examples made out of sticks and clay. We looked for and collected some sticks from the ground and used them as they were or cut them to the required length using the secateurs. The children chose which shape they would like to make, starting with forming a 2D shape and then developing it into 3D by joining the sticks together with small balls of clay (we constructed them on a paper plates for ease of use and also so they could be taken home).

We talked about the shapes that the children had chosen to make, found out the name of them and wrote the names on their plates. Some of the older children practiced writing the letters for themselves.

Extension Activity: We found large branches and removed any sticking out twigs using the secateurs and cut them to the required length (using the bow saw if required). We used the branches to construct larger 2D and 3D shapes and joined them together with string or twine. We learnt about how to do a clove hitch knot for a sheer lashing that can be used to join adjacent sticks together and then pivoted and twisted them into shape. We also learnt how to use a ‘square lashing’ for sticks that cross over.

Aims and Objectives: The main objectives of this activity are to support mathematical development while interlinking other areas of development.

Home Activity: If your child is younger, show them pictures of simple shapes and ask them to look for similar shapes around the house and garden. Talk about which shapes are which. If your child is older, only tell them the names of the shapes you'd like them to find. Ask them to try to copy and write down the name of each shape.


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