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Weekly Activities - Cloud Gazing

Book of the week

Little Cloud by Eric Carle.


A sweet, playful story in which Little Cloud loves changing shape. He can be a horse, or a tree, or even a clown. At the end of the story he joins all the other clouds in the sky to make one big cloud - and then it rains!

Weekly Activity

On a cloudy day and in small groups, we took the children to the grassy area and asked them to lie on the ground and look up at the sky. We encouraged children to look at the clouds and talk about what they can see.

We started by the adults commenting on what they saw first before we encouraged the children to do the same. For example:

  • I can see lots of white clouds … I can see one big cloud …

  • I can see different shapes … I can see a cloud that looks like a sheep … What shapes can you see in the clouds?

  • I can see some grey clouds: what do you think might happen?

  • What do the clouds make you think of?

  • Can you make up a story about a cloud, or the shape of a cloud?

  • How do you feel, lying on the grass?

This was a peaceful, thoughtful and calm activity that helped the children to focus, concentrate their minds and use their imagination.

Aims and Objectives

  • Explore and respond to different natural phenomena in their setting

  • Explore different materials, using all their senses to investigate them

  • Talk about what they have observed

  • Talk about the differences between materials and changes they notice

  • Establish their sense of self: helping develop child’s sense of wellness and connection to the natural world

Home Activity

Try a rain cloud science experiment with your child!


  • Fill a clear jar with ¾ of water

  • Add a layer of shaving cream

  • Ask your child: What do you think might happen? Then add several drops of blue food colouring

  • Encourage the children to talk about what happened

The shaving cream represents the clouds, the water represents the air and the blue food colouring represents rain.

Explain to your child that a cloud is made up of lots and lots of tiny water droplets. They are too small to see. When the cloud gets too heavy the droplets fall through as rain and gravity pulls the water droplets from the cloud.


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