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Weekly Activities. Book of the week - Something beginning with BLUE

Book of the week: Something beginning with BLUE by Sally Symes.

Synopsis: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with blue ... and green ... and brown etc. Peep through the pages, and see what you can see. Colourful and fun with Nick Sharratt's bold bright illustrations this is a simple novelty board book for young minds. With lively rhyming read-aloud text little children will love guessing what's hiding over the page.

Main Activity: Our main activity this week was making the first letter of the children's names out of wood. We started by asking the children if they knew what the first letter of their names were. Many of the older children found this quite easy but the younger ones needed a bit of help. We then asked the children to try and write their letters on a piece of paper. If they weren't able to, we wrote it down for them and asked them to try and copy it. Once we had all the different letters written down, it was time to try and turn them from a 2D shape into a 3D shape. Some were easier than others and involved finding a stick the same shape as the letter e.g. "C", "I","J". Others were much harder to make such as "M", "R" and "H" and involved finding a long stick cut to size and tied together using string, tape or ribbon. Once all the letters had been found or made, the children set about decorating them with colourful bows and ribbon. We sounded out each letter after it had been made using phonics and asked the children to think of some words beginning with the same letter as the first letter in their names.

Additional Activities:

  • Making a sword, similar to the one in the book, to fend off any dragons that happened to wander into Forest School

  • Matching shapes and numbers to chalk outlines on one of the tuff trays

  • Using various sizes of drainage pipe connected together to pour water down

  • Number work using cards with numbers written on them and pegs to match the amounts shown

  • Various guest narrators i.e. some of the older children wanted to "read" our book of the week to the other children


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