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Weekly Activities - Autumn Lantern

Book of the week

Little Glow by Katie Sahota and Harry Woodgate.


An important story which amplifies the importance of introverts, while showcasing the amazing celebrations of light across our diverse communities.

Weekly Activity

After reading ‘Little Glow’ at basecamp, we started a discussion of the various festivals being celebrated and how people who celebrate different festivals can do so in similar ways, such as:

- To be grateful for what they have
- To remind people how to be kind to one another
- To make other people and themselves happy

We encouraged the children to think about what makes them happy/grateful e.g. when mummy or daddy reads me a bedtime story or when my friends share their toys with me etc.

After reading the whole book, we referred back to the page showing Diwali and pointed out the different lights (in the sky, coming from the house) and explained that Diwali is also known as the ‘festival of lights.’ We encouraged the children who celebrate Diwali to show their peers a photograph of them celebrating and asked them to talk about what they do during this time.

Following on from last week’s activity, we reminded the children that we talked about the seasons (we asked the children to then tell us what season we were in now and describe the changes we can see). We explained that we are going to make autumn lanterns and asked them to tell us one thing they are grateful for.

To make the lanterns, the children were each given a glass jar and asked to decorate it using paint and natural resources such as leaves. We went for a walk around to find as many different leaves as possible and then put them inside the jars. We helped tie some twine around the top of the jars so they could be hung up and then placed an electric tea light into each one.

Aims and Objectives

  • Talk about the differences between people and members of their immediate family

  • Celebrate and value our different cultures and religions

  • Explore natural materials

  • Talk about seasons and the changes in nature

Home Activity

Following on from our autumn lanterns above, why not try making a Paper Bag Lantern to compliment it.

All you need is a white or brown paper bag, electric tea lights, a glue stick, different coloured tissue paper and/or dry leaves.

Simply let your child stick the tissue paper and leaves onto the outside of the bag, put it aside to dry and then put in your tea lights. Now with your autumn lamp and paper bag lantern, you're all ready for a night time walk!

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