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Weekly Activities - All About Me

Book of the week.

Things I Like by Anthony Browne.


Whether it's painting a picture or riding a bike, building sandcastles or playing with friends - or even just watching TV - there's something in this book that every toddler is sure to love!

Weekly Activity.

We started off by reading ‘Things I Like’ at basecamp and encouraged the children to talk about what they like doing. We explained that we will be making pictures of ourselves by lying down on large pieces of paper and drawing around each child.

After we had drawn around each child, we encouraged them to use a mirror to look at their own facial features and either use paint or natural resources to decorate the face and head on their picture e.g. brown leaves for brown hair. Depending on ability, they either wrote their name or they tried to find their name from the name cards and then had a go at writing it on the paper.

Afterwards we talked some more about likes and dislikes and wrote down the child’s voice on the piece of paper (I like …).

Later at basecamp we showed each child’s creation which promptly started a discussion about their similarities/differences between other children and their likes/dislikes.

Aims and Objectives.

  • Develop an awareness of their growing sense of self through asserting their likes and dislikes

  • Make connections between the features of themselves and others families

  • Notice and ask questions about differences, such as skin colour, types of hair, gender, special needs and disabilities, religion and so on

  • Explore natural materials

  • Explore and respond to different natural phenomena in their setting

  • Explore paint, using fingers and other parts of their bodies as well as brushes and other tools

  • Explore different materials and tools, using all their senses to investigate them

Home Activity.

Talk to your child about their likes and dislikes as you may get some very different answers from the ones we had. Note down what they are and upload them to Tapestry so we can continue our discussion as a group.


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