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Trudging through the mud...

During the last few months we've had rather a lot of rain which has caused the nursery to become a little bit muddier than even we're used to. Even though the children have had enormous fun splashing, jumping and even sitting in the mud, we thought it was about time to do something about it as we were struggling to keep up with the amount of changes of clothing per session and must have been heavily contributing to the wear and tear on many washing machines!

We decided to put out an add on a local Facebook group to ask if there was anyone who may be able to donate some wood chips to help with the muddiest parts of the nursery. To our joy and amazement, a lovely lady called Phyllis responded straight away and told us that she, together with her husband Dave, ran a local Arboriculture company and would be able to deliver us some wood chips for free.

True to their word, a few days later Dave arrived in his truck with some helpers to drop off a huge load of wood chip, informing us that it was good quality hard wood chip with no seeds etc and would be perfect for what we wanted.

We set to work straight away and got all the children involved in every part including filling the wheelbarrow, wheeling it inside the nursery and distributing it over the worst parts. As a by-product, much fun and many different games evolved including swimming lessons, digging for treasure and even a wood chip tea party (could this be the first of its kind?).

We would like to say a huge thank you to Phyllis and Dave of Aureus Tree Services from all the team and children here at The Woodland Nursery and if any of our parents or friends of the nursery need any tree services, you know where to go:

p.s. Don't worry, there is still plenty of mud for the children to play in...


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