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Secret Filming for the BBC

We were asked by the BBC back in late 2016 if some of The Woodland Nursery children would like to introduce the main Christmas day film of 2016 - "Frozen". We were delighted of course (and incredibly excited!) to accept and many of our nursery children along with their parents and guardians had a most enjoyable, unusual and thrilling day.

The BBC film crew arrived in two huge trucks and closed off the whole street in order to set up and film for the day. We shot our scenes at a local school and spent the whole day playing around, trying to get the children to say their lines on cue and having some great fun with fake snow (it's made of paper), various costumes and props while the parents and guardians watched over their young ones having an absolute ball.

After what seemed like a very long but fun-filled day, the producer got what she was after and our young starlets, who were tired out by this point but who had all been absolutely brilliant, went home with some fantastic memories.

You can view the clips here.

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