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The finished product!

After many weekends and lots of odd days here and there, we've just about managed to get our new site finished. That means it's ready to use for the new September term and is looking absolutely fantastic! (even if we do say so ourselves).

- New for September, our HARLEQUIN dry rest and change bell tent:

I would like to say to all of those parents and Woodland Nursery children who gave up their precious time in the summer holidays - a really big THANK YOU! We couldn't have done it without you and I would especially like to thank all the children who came up with lots of really imaginative ideas that we will be putting into practice as the site progresses, grows and evolves.

Some of the things we did over the summer break include:

- Repaint the mud kitchen so it now looks big and bright with the addition of a chalk board for recipes, ideas and drawings.

- Acquired a water butt to collect rainwater to use for washing hands, feet, faces and anything else that gets covered in glorious mud!

- Erect a brand new harlequin bell tent which will act as our dry rest and change area:

- Relocate the fire pit to a brand new landscaped area on the other side of the woods which includes a natural hedge made up of all the cut down bushes, branches and brambles to ensure that nothing goes to waste:

A few more pictures to enjoy...

Tyre swing near fire pit area:

View from mud kitchen towards fire pit area:

Branch swing near bell tent:

And we still have all our usual favourites including: our rope spiders web hidden amongst the trees and bushes; our camouflaged tarpaulin for rainy days; our herb garden sink and lots more!

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