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Weekly Activities. Book of the Week: Christopher Nibble

Hi everyone,

From now on we are changing the way that we do our Weekly Activities to incorporate a book of the week.

The way it will work is that each morning we will read our chosen book of the week at base camp and encourage the children to participate in several different activities connected to the story (if any children only attend an afternoon session, we will read the book to them when they come into the nursery). This will enable us to link the activities into many different areas of the EYFS while still making it great fun for the children to join in. It will also ensure all children are given the opportunity to join in the activities regardless of which days and which sessions they attend.

We love getting feedback so please let us know what you think!

The Woodland Nursery team


Our book of the week is "Christopher Nibble". A lovely story about a guinea pig who did an amazing thing. If you are not familiar with the story, please watch this lovely version here:

Off the back of this story we decided that we would like to grow some vegetables and flowers at the nursery. To begin with, we needed to make a planter. This was a great opportunity for the children to use some tools as well as introducing them to the concept of following a set of instructions. Once we had the planeter up, we then went about filing it with gravel and then compost ready to plant our seeds in. We decided on some wild flowers to encourage the butterflies and bees into the nursery as well as some vegetables. We discussed the importance of trying to attract the bees and talked about the vital role that they play in pollinating our crops. Some of the children also planted their own sunflower seeds to take home.

We asked the children what they thought the flowers would look like and encouraged them to make some pictures of how they imagined the flowers would look once in bloom. Some of the children used paints to do this as well as finding petals and leaves to stick on to create some really lovely pictures. Whilst doing this, we were talking about butterflies and the patterns on their wings which evolved into a conversation surrounding symmetry. We then used some mirrors to look at different patterns, shapes and letters to see if we could see which ones were symmetrical.

Lastly, we made a sign to hang up over our new "Garden" using some wood paint to remind us that we need to water our seeds often and even sing to them to encourage them to grow!

Making the planter and planting our seeds:

Various other activities connected with the book:


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